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After 30 years as a teacher, I retired to live my dream as a writer. My stories and poems come from the depths of my soul along with a little inspiration from the beauty of the Manatee River in Bradenton Florida.



A Night at Madame Beauseau's-1864

Published in Florida Writer's Association 2017 collection of short fiction, titled What a Character.  The story of a Florida cracker who tries to find comfort in a house of ill-repute in downtown Bradenton, but leaves filled with remorse.Go to https://www.floridawriters.net

Forced into Freedom

In 1860's Florida, Seminoles capture a slave boy and take him on a journey of self-discovery that leads him to manhood and freedom.

https://deepsouthmag.com  Go to Southern Voices, Fiction, Race in Place.

The sixty page novella, Winter Blossoms and the anthology Seasons of Love are both available from Beaten Track Publication. Click the underlined link to purchase directly from their website.

Taking without Asking

July 2019 Cleaning Up Glitter vol. 1, issue 2

Sylvia Segmented

High Shelf VII-June 2019


Calico Koi

Cathexis Northwest Press

October 2019



On the brink of the Civil War, Sarah and her slave "family" are forced to migrate from St. Augustine to a sparsely populated region of Florida south of Tampa Bay.
Under a malevolent master, Sarah holds the group of twelve slaves together as matriarch. At war's end, she is separated from her family, but manages to rise above the despair of the Reconstruction period.  
Her audacity and determination shine as a beacon of hope for the generation to follow her into a new life of freedom.


Sketches by Paula Streeter

The Great Pine

In 1930s Alabama, Albert, an autistic albino adolescent is trapped in a small town filled with prejudices and secrets.

As he matures into adulthood, Albert sees behind the facade of his neighborhood only to become a victim of the injustice he resents.  


Jack of Hearts

(in progress)

In the  1880's Dakota territory Madam Emma and her lover, Big Kitt Hannigan, work out a plan to rob Deadwood's richest brothel. When their plan back fires , so do their lives and the lives of those around them. 


"In the middle of our life's walk, I found myself in a dark woods, and the path was no longer direct."


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